2008 Microsoft Heroes Forum

地址: 香港數碼港 Venue: Cyberport, Hong Kong

日期: 2008年 4月 3日 Date: April 3rd, 2008

主辦單位: 美國微軟公司 Organisers: Microsoft Corporation

協辦機構: 翔樂傳訊 Supporting Organisation:Madison Communications

主講嘉賓: 香港茶藝樂園 Guest & Speaker: The Best Tea House (Hong Kong)



The Grand Banquet of [Heroes Forum] was held at Green T. House Resturant, Cyberport by Microsoft Corporation.  



[Heroes Forum] is well prepared and decorated by the organizers



Delicate and fine art tea sets which are provided by The Best Tea House


香港茶藝樂園始創人陳國義先行與助手Miss. Helen Fung

The founder of The Best Tea House, Mr. Vesper Chan and his assistant, Miss Helen Fung



Guests are very enthusiastic to join the [Heroes Forum] and explore more about Heroes and Chinese Tea


美國微軟公司首席主持人Miss. Hedy Ho 與主講嘉賓陳國義先生探討茶藝

The Emcee, Miss Hedy Ho introduces the fine art of Tea with Mr. Vesper Chan



Mr. Vesper Chan demonstrates the traditional brewing ofKung-Fu tea to the Congress of Heroes


茶湯明亮通透, 水質細滑厚潤, 技術細緻精湛

Vesper Chan's masterpiece of Kung Fu Tea, Refreshing, rich and full body of strong flavour, long lasting aroma and sweet aftertaste of honey



A cup of best tea is enough to cheer up!



Opening Speech by The chairman of Microsoft Corporation and the famous poem recites perform by the children


中外人才匯聚香港, 以茶道論英雄

Heroes happen here and gather in Hong Kong to exchange the talent and business ideas



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